How to Make the Most of Digital for Business Growth

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Do you know why people buy from you — and why they don’t?

If you don’t understand how and why your customers find you, get to know you, and ultimately buy from you, you can’t replicate your sales process.

Without a system for finding the ideal prospective customers and converting them into profitable clients, you’ll always be relying on “hope” — and jumping on the next piece of technology that makes wild promises of success.

Digital technology is a tool, not a magic button. A tool that can make your life and business more comfortable and more profitable, but a tool just the same.

Most companies are fixated on either traditional brand name and “exposure” driven marketing and advertising, or on one-off, random transactional selling. It’s almost impossible to quantify whether such marketing works… and yet they’re spending a small fortune on it.

And focusing on one-off transactional sales means your business is always running the hamster wheel from feast to famine — often just to stand still.

Businesses think — falsely — that by using the new digital media available, they’re now doing a new kind of marketing.

They’re not.

If you don’t understand how and why your customers find you, get to know you, and ultimately buy from you, you can’t replicate your sales process..

They’re simply moving the same ineffective business growth techniques from one media to another.

Tactics change… effective business strategy doesn’t

The marketing and business strategies that bring in a steady stream of customers and make businesses a lot of money are fundamental and haven’t changed much over the years.

If you don’t get the basics right, digital technology won’t be able to help you. If you do get the basics right, though, digital technology can skyrocket you from adequate to outstanding.

Performance sales and marketing in the new digital world will change the way you look at selling. It’s the only approach that’ll let you measure how much return it’s bringing on your investment.

And using the new tools, it’s the only kind of marketing that’ll let you put sophisticated sales processes in place with little ongoing effort on your part.

The customer journey: your key to a steady stream of sales

Do you ever wonder why a “sure” sale sometimes doesn’t happen?

Sometimes customers back away at the last minute, despite seeming excited about your product or service.

Your sales team is confused.

Your marketing department can’t understand it.

And you’ve lost a potential sale.

How many times does this happen — and how much is it costing your business in lost profits?

Understanding the psychology behind why people buy and why they don’t is crucial to growing your business.

Digging into buyer psychology and understanding how they make decisions and why they do the things they do will help you grow. You’ll be able to sell more of your products and services, more often, to more of your ideal customers.

Buyers buy in certain ways and they need certain things to happen before they’ll part with their money.

It’s called the customer journey, and to understand it, you need to understand what’s going on in buyers’ brains. What makes them tick.

Do you know what’s going on in your customers’ heads?

Do you have the customer journey all mapped out — and does it work for your ideal customers?

Do you know how they buy.

The customer journey is now largely digital. If you don’t want to get left behind, it’s vital for you to understand the role digital will play in sales, marketing, and business processes in general.

The way we buy and sell has changed

If you’ve ever asked yourself why customers sometimes seem to disappear when you think you have a “sure” sale…

Why some companies do well, and others get left behind…

And how you can use digital strategy effectively to grow your business…

Consider this: sales are a process, not an event. You can’t just make contact with a potential customer once, and expect them to buy. They want you to follow a certain pathway and answer all their questions — especially if what you’re selling requires a big investment.

What worked in the past simply doesn’t work as well anymore.

The rules of buying and selling have changed.

Buyers are much less reliant on the marketing and advertising you put out there. They’re less inclined to trust businesses. And they’re looking for something more than a simple financial transaction.

Understanding the psychology behind why people buy (and why they don’t) is crucial to growing your business. And it’s crucial to creating a steady stream of customers who come back to buy from you again and again.

How is your business doing now?

But before you can make improvements, you need to know where you are now. And that’s where our unique Digital Scorecard comes in.

You can find out how your business is doing right now by creating your own Digital Scorecard. It will help you better understand your customers’ buying process using customer journey mapping (this will give you a new understanding of why people buy and why they don’t — and how you can make sure you lose as few customers as possible during your sales process).

And it will allow you to benchmark where you are now, giving you a solid starting point for improvement. You’ll discover what you’re doing well — and it will show you where your opportunities to improve are. This Digital Scorecard is a very valuable tool that will help you develop an action plan to improve.

No more missed opportunities

The sales and marketing processes we share with you will help you identify your missed opportunities in follow-up and after sales. Most businesses, for example, have no clear strategy for referrals — yet referrals are the most effective way to bring in new customers and clients who are already primed to choose you.

We provide information and training that will help you get to grips with lead generation, so you bring in the right type of prospects then convert them into happy paying customers. No more wasting money on a fuzzy scattergun approach to business: you’ll be targeting precisely the right kind of customers and leaving the rest to your competitors.

You’ll put in place strategies that will allow you to stop chasing shadows and start investing your money efficiently and effectively. It’s tempting to jump on the latest bright, shiny object — especially when you don’t understand enough about the technology. But that’s a fast-track to wasted money and frustration.

With the right strategies in place and a sound understanding of what you want to achieve and why, you’ll be able to choose the right tools for your business — and create a structure for your staff to thrive.

Based on our analysis of hundreds of businesses, our two most important findings are — ironically — nothing to do with digital.

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand the psychology of sales for your business. It’s a process, not an event — and most businesses simply don’t operate under the assumption that sales is a process.

Secondly, business growth strategy has to come from the top down and be built into the business processes. Building silos creates confusion and leads to transactional selling rather than relationship building.

Digital can help to address both these issues, but unless the business ready, willing, and able, digital may just accentuate the problems within a business — rather than driving business growth.

Every business has to start somewhere. What’s your next move?

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